About Lanhua

Since 1991, Lanhua International has excelled in importing practical Chinese products into the Japanese market. While we specialize in safety gloves, we are confident we can assist your company in importing just about any Chinese commodity obtainable!


Our founder, Ms Seishu Ran, has lived and worked in Tokyo for more than 20 years, and deeply understands the needs and desires of Japanese customers. Lanhua strives to gain the full satisfaction of every client, and our dedication to faultless service has earned us a position of trust with all of our customers, new and old. We would very much like to add your company to our business family, so please consider Lanhua International for your Chinese Importation needs!



Advantages of Lanhua

We boast high-production factories in Guanzhou and Shanghai, which are overseen by our Tokyo corporate headquarters. All members of our Tokyo staff share a wealth of experience in facilitating international trade between Japan and China. Ms Ran is especially proud of the fact that 75 percent of her Tokyo employees (Herself included.) are fluent in Mandarin Chinese. We also have employees fluent in business English, and can acquire outside help to accommodate any language you require.


Staff members regularly visit our factories to ensure our Japanese customers’ instructions are strictly followed. This process guarantees products received from Lanhua International will meet your desired specifications precisely!




Aims of Lanhua


There can be no doubt in any savvy businessperson’s mind: China is the fastest rising star in today’s global economy. The main advantage in working with Lanhua International is to exploit China’s formidable cost-efficiency to your benefit.


Ms Ran feels our potential for growth is immeasurable, and we are interested in expanding our business family to include Europe and North America. Her passion for innovation and the development of improved products is the driving force behind our rapid corporate evolution, and her experience will be a valuable asset for our mutually-beneficial relationship


If your company wants to add the legendary production capability of China to your list of strengths, please consider Lanhua International for your needs! .

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