▼Leather Gloves
They are made from abrasion protective cow skin and reasonably priced pig skin offering excellent air permeability and better fit. These gloves are perfect choice for construction work, iron machinery work and welding work.
These gloves provide effective protection against oils, excellent abrasion resistance and long-term service life. Ideal for many types of works such as farming, fishing and constructing. It’s a perfect choice for the oil and grease processing work.
▼Cotton Gloves, Nylon Gloves, Terylene Gloves
These products are providing excellent anti-abrasion. Ideal for general applications such as cargo-handling, farm work and assembly work.
▼String Knit Gloves
They are ideal for handling delicate sensitive parts. Feel comfortable and clean for driving, house keeping and other light duty jobs.
▼Kevlar Gloves
Kevlar usually is used to make bullet proof vests and helmets for its excellent cut and abrasion resistance. Kevlar gloves offer perfect cut and abrasion protection, heavyweight.
▼Inspection Gloves
These gloves are the key point in the hi-technology production. This product offers great flexibility and comfortable fit.
▼Finger Cots(Precision Precessing Uses)
These finger cots do not built up a static charge on item handle in electonic precision processing. They are free and resistant to sulfur to protect items made from metals such as gold, silver and copper.
▼Finger Cots(Office Uses)
This finger cots is suitable for papers classification as well as electronic precessing industry. It is offering effectively anti-slip properties.
▼Disposable Gloves
Ideal protection for food processing, First Aid and household, chemicals and laboratory work. The concerned masks are available.
▼Cold Protective Gloves
Keep your hands warm and comfortable in cold temperature with these gloves. They protect hands from the cold while working in cold climates or refrigerated warehouse.
▼Safety Products
Other body protective products are available.

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